Awake 2007

Awake is a 2007 suspense thriller written and directed by Joby Harold. It stars Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, Lena Olin, and Terrence Howard. The film was rated R by the MPAA for language, an intense disturbing situation, and brief drug use.

Plot: The twenty-two year old Clay Beresford is a genius of finance secretly in love of his mother’s secretary Sam Lockwood. Clay has a complex, expecting recognition from his mother Lilith Beresford that he is as capable as his father was, and he needs heart transplantation. When Clay finds a donor compatible with his rare blood, he requests his friend Dr. Jack Harper operate him under the protest of his mother that wants the famous Dr. Jonathan Neyer responsible for the procedure. On the eve of his heart surgery, Clay marries Sam and during the surgery, he experiences an “anesthetic awareness” that leaves his conscious but paralyzed. Clay witnesses the dialogs in the room and discovers dark secrets about his surgery.
* Hayden Christensen as Clay Beresford, Jr.
* Jessica Alba as Samantha “Sam” Lockwood
* Lena Olin as Lilith Beresford
* Terrence Howard as Dr. Jack Harper
* Fisher Stevens as Dr. Puttnam
* Arliss Howard as Dr. Neyer
* Christopher McDonald as Dr. Larry Lupin
* Georgina Chapman as Nurse Penny Carver
* Sam Robards as Clay Beresford, Sr.
* Steven Hinkle as Young Clay

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