Autopsy 2008

Autopsy is a 2008 United States horror film directed by Adam Gierasch and from the producer of the Final Destination films. It was premiered on 24 August 2008 in the United Kingdom at the London FrightFest Film Festival. The films stars Jessica Lowndes, Michael Bowen, Robert Patrick and Jenette Goldstein.

Plot: A group of friends go to New Orleans Mardi Gras, on their way home, they get into a car accident and realize they have hit a man. Before anyone can call for help, a 1950’s ambulance arrives. They are taken to a strange hospital where their injuries can be examined. The plot centers on the old hospital where inhumane experiments are being done on the living patients.

* Robert Patrick
* Jenette Goldstein
* Michael Bowen
* Robert LaSardo
* Ross McCall
* Jessica Lowndes

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