Another Happy Day 2011

Another Happy Day is a 2011 American black comedy-drama film written and directed by Sam Levinson.

Plot: Lynn was married to Paul, but they split up on bad terms, and Lynn took custody of their daughter Alice while Paul got their son Dylan. Years later, now that Dylan is getting married, Lynn is attending the wedding at Paul’s estate, with her younger sons Elliot and Ben in tow; Elliott is a chronically depressed drug addict and Ben prefers to look at life through a camera than confront the world head on. Meanwhile, Alice deals with her anxieties through cutting, Dylan hasn’t spoken to Lynn in years, Lynn is fearful of Paul and his wife Patty, Lynn’s mother, Doris, blames her daughter for her family’s many troubles, and her father is in poor health and hardly cares what’s happening around him. To the surprise of no one, all this has left Lynn an emotional wreck, and she’s not sure just how she’s going to get through the day.

* Ellen Barkin as Lynn Hellman
* Kate Bosworth as Alice Hellman
* Ellen Burstyn as Doris
* Thomas Haden Church as Paul
* Ezra Miller as Elliot Hellman

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