Annie Hall 1977

Annie Hall is a film about a comedian, Alvy Singer(Woody Allen), that falls in love with Annie Hall(Diane Keaton). Both of the characters are completely different but both strikingly entertaining and unusual.

Alvy is an extreme pesimist that obsesses over the subject of death and has very sarcastic and cynical views about the world and the people around him. Annie is a ditsy and clumsy talented singer and photographer.

When Alvy and Annie meet for the first time they are instantly attracted to each other and as a result their conversations are awkward but never the less adorable. The film takes you through the couples love lives, before and after their relationship. Alvy often comes out of the scene he is in to talk directly to the audience about his views on whatever situation he is in, this makes the film unusual but more interesting. The film is very sweet and funny but unfortunately quite sad aswell.

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