Afterwards 2009

Afterwards (French title: Et après) is an upcoming French-Canadian psychological thriller film directed by Gilles Bourdos and starring Romain Duris, John Malkovich and Evangeline Lilly. Based on Guillaume Musso’s novel Et après…, the story tells of a workaholic lawyer who is told by a self-proclaimed visionary that he must try to prevent his imminent death.

The film was shot in New York City, Montreal and various New Mexico locations over June-July 2007, and had a French release in January 2009.

Plot: Nathan Del Amico (Duris) is a career-driven New York lawyer who has neglected his wife (Lilly) and daughter as a result of his professional success and increasing obsession with his work. He meets Joseph Kay (Malkovich), a doctor who claims that he can foresee other people’s deaths, and that he is a “messenger” sent to help Nathan put his life in order before he dies.
* Romain Duris as Nathan Del Amico
* John Malkovich as Joseph Kay
* Evangeline Lilly as Claire
* Reece Thompson

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