A Woman Of No Importance 2009

A Woman Of No Importance – Nineteen year old Hester (Sienna Miller), beautiful, outspoken, and American, unexpectedly finds herself spending a weekend in the English countryside with a group of upper-class socialites.

She meets an intriguing and energetic young bank clerk, Gerald, who has just been offered a wonderful career opportunity working for the rich Lord Illingworth (Sean Bean), a charming but wicked womanizer. As the weekend progresses, Hester and Gerald find themselves falling in love. But Lord Illingworth, loving the notion of a conquest, bets one of the guests that he can successfully woo the beautiful Hester for himself. And he is on the way to accomplishing his task…until Gerald’s beautiful mother Rachel (Annette Bening), shows up, revealing a shocking secret about Lord Illingworth’s past. The movie “A Woman Of No Importance” is based on the Oscar Wilde story of the same name.

Plot: A woman’s past comes back to haunt her when the man who left her with a child becomes the potential employer of their illegitimate son. Based on the play by Oscar Wilde.

* Amanda Seyfried – Hester Worsley
* Sean Bean – Lord Illingworth
* Annette Bening – Mother Illingworth

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