18 Year Old Virgin 2009

18 Year Old Virgin is a 2009 direct-to-DVD sex comedy film produced by The Asylum. The title of the film references The 40-Year-Old Virgin and shares a plot similar to the film American Pie, but is otherwise an original film, and not a mockbuster film released to capitalise on the release of another.

Plot: Katie Powers (Olivia Alaina May) is about to graduate high school. Jealous of her school rivals, Katie vows to lose her virginity to the boy she believes is her soul mate, before her graduation. He says he will not have sex with a virgin after a past bad experience. So with the help of her friend she begins a series of schemes to flirt with various boys and to try and entice them to bed, failing at each opportunity to achieve her goal.

* Olivia Alaina May – Katie Powers
* Lauren Walsh – Rose
* Todd Leigh – Spencer
* Dustin Harnish – Ryan Lambert
* Karmen Morales – Chelsea
* Daniel Sykes – Jeremy
* Jonathan Michael Trautmann – Marshall

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